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Stinging Rose

Stinging Rose is made from Medovina honey and hand picked rose petals from the Medovina garden. The roses are old fashioned shrub roses that bloom only in early June.  Two weeks of petal picking is sufficient to produce only 100 liters of this fabulous wine. 

Stinging Rose is balanced to feature the rose, above all.  Just enough honey on the finish to maximize synergy with the bouquet, aroma and delicate flavor of the rose petals.  The roses are evident in the nose, the color and on the palate.

This is a very special mead. We suggest enjoying it as a stand alone indulgence.  Clear your calendar, turn off the cell phone, put the kids to bed, lock the doors, light a beeswax candle and snuggle up. 

Stinging Rose also makes a wonderful and generous gift.  Like all of our meads it is hand crafted with lots of TLC.