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Summer Solstice


Here's what we have been saying about Summer Solstice honey wine:

"Summer solstice is currently bulk aging.  We hope to have it ready for your picnic basket this summer.  It is a lighter version of our traditional mead with a nice, crisp and refreshing citrus tartness.  We'll update this description when we get closer to bottling."

Here's your update as promised.

OK, so it's not exactly a light mead.  I guess Medovina meads just want to be bold and brassy.  It's about 13% alcohol and is chock full of body and mouth feel.   There are notes of honey, lemon and pepper (in that order).  The finish is delightfully refreshing with  citrus tartness.  It is best served well chilled.  As it warms up in your glass, flavor profiles shift a bit which creates interest. 

I hope and trust that this little introductory profiling of Summer Solstice is helpful for your purchasing decisions, and yet not so all encompassing that there is precious little left for your own sensory discovery.


Please allow me to disgress, briefly.  It is not the opinion of experts, nor that of the mead maker that renders a particular mead good, bad, great or mediocre.  Instead this is determined solely by the enjoyment, or lack thereof, experienced by the customer.   This is a basic tenant of Medovina that guides us forward.  Our goal is to make the world's best mead, as determined by you.