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Sweet Melissa

Sweet Melissa is Medovina's answer to late harvest grape wines.  In particular our goal was to offer a dessert mead that rivals the best German eiswein from the Mosel and Rhine valleys - at a fraction of the cost. 

Our first comercial production of Sweet Melissa was bottled in October of 2004.   It was truely a home run, getting great reviews by and by our customers.  It was sold out by mid summer, but next year's Sweet Melissa is well underway and is already exhibiting great character.

Sweet Melissa finishes with about 9% residual honey and just under 14% alcohol.  The honey character is distinctive, luscious and mouth watering. It is balanced by the higher alcohol level and the natural acidity and tartness of the honey. In addition it delivers wonderful sherry like notes and character found in fine ports.

Sweet Melissa can be enjoyed without accompanying food.  If you think its a girly libation, try it with your favorite cigar.   My very favorite accompaniment is a rich custard or flan.  Go easy on the sweetness in the custard.  If you choose creme brulee, try omitting the carmelized sugar topping, the creme, hold the brulee, if you will.  Sweet Melissa's residual honey on your palate compliments the rich custard in a way that carmelized sugar can only aspire to.   Give yourself at least 30 minutes to enjoy this dessert combo.

In Greek mythology, Melissa was a mountain nymph that saved Zeus from his father, Cronus , while he was trying to devour him. She hid him in the hills and fed him milk from the goat Amalthea and plundered beehives for honey. When Cronus discoved this, he turned her into a worm, but Zeus felt sorry for her and changed her into a queen bee instead, to be forever connected with honey.


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2007 Sweet Melissa now available, 2012 vintage will be available Fall, 2012