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Ancient Mead

Recorded history of mead dates back to Phoenician times, 2,000 BC. Some sources quote the origins of mead some 9,000 years ago.  Eons ago, it is likely that comb honey, water and wild yeast combined naturally as rain drizzled into a beehive nestled in a tree hollow. Sunlight provided the warmth, time did its magic, and men and women alike, to their great pleasure, discovered mead. With Ancient Mead, Medovina seeks to emulate the natural process by which honey, yeast and water are transformed into mead: the nectar of the gods.

Ancient Mead is a no nonsense, intense mead. It is dominated by alcoholic, earthy flavors with hints of nuts and yeast. A great compliment to rich food like beef and game, it will be available in either Dry or Off Dry finishes.

Medovina meads are produced in a very natural way and we let them take us where they want to go. Thus, just like varietal wines vary from year to year, so too will our meads vary. It is for reason that several of the meads listed above often have a range of sweetness classifications. How mead finishes in terms of sweetness depends on the ratio of glucose and fructose in the honey. The glucose ferments more readily and therefore the higher the fructose content the higher the residual sweetness. So like fine varietal estate wines, our meads depend on weather, rainfall and consequential seasonal nectar sources. It’s this level of nuance that makes mead really exciting.

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