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Stinging Rose

Niwot shrub roses are prolific producers of fragrant blossoms. Early in June and just after sunrise, Medovina hand picks select rose petals, then steeps them carefully to express their delicate aromas. Honey is added to the rose water, and the magic begins. The bouquet and color of this mead unmistakably and delicately capture the essence of the wild rose.

Stinging Rose is generally available from Valentine's Day until Mother's Day.  The 2005 vintage Stinging Rose finished just a touch sweeter than the 2004 vintage.  This really brings out the rose character.

We did some major pruning of our antique shrub roses this summer.  Hopefully this will bring an even more bountiful harvest of rose petals next summer. 

Check out the review of Stinging Rose 2004 at:

Available February 1, 2006!