Medovina was honored to support the Lexus exhibit at the Aspen & Pebble Beach FOOD & WINE CLASSICS in 2008 and the Sun Valley Wine Auction for the Center for Preforming Arts. Our observation bee hive in Pebble Beach was all the buzz ...

Our mission was to bring awareness to the role of the honeybee in a sustainable future.  The honeybee could be the poster child for sustainable agriculture.  It produces a perfect food that never spoils and it does this without the aid of a plow, irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides.

In our efforts to develop a sustainable future we must focus on a sustainable energy commitment. Two major energy requirements in our lives are transportation and food.  If we can find long term solutions to these energy needs we will be well postured for a sustainable future.  Lexus is committed to green manufacturing, recycling of waste material and a fleet of vehicles that is currently 85% hybrid and soon to be 100% fleet.

The name of the game in agriculture over the past century has been bigger is better. This may no longer be true.  Now that we are at or beyond peak oil, we can not continue to trade fossil fuel for food.  Perhaps we have come to a point where pause is prudent and a bit of reflection on the wisdom in the honeybee model of agriculture might do us some good.