Global Warming...

Manmade or Natural Phenomenon?


While most of us would not argue that we are in a phase of significant planetary change, there is little agreement as to whether or not this change is the result of modern man's dependance on fossil fuels and the extent to which such fuels are currently being consumed on this planet.

Here's a thought: We may not agree that the planet is warming up, and further what the source of such warming (if it exists) might be.   Perhaps when we take a bigger perspective the answer to these questions becomes hopelessly unimportant. 

As shephards of planet earth, during our brief visit here, is it not our responsibility to step lightly, minimize our impact and always respect nature?  If so, then the questions of whether or not global warming is real and what is causing it becomes acedemic. Why? Because as shepards of the planet our response is the same in every case.  Maybe we can put all this behind us and simply move forward. Lightly of course, with a small delicate and respectful footprint.