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Tasting -a tough job, but someone has to do it!


Looks casual, but this is serious business.  OK, it's fun too.  Late in the summer Medovina begins bottling the previous year's bounty.  But before we do, we organize a panel of experienced mead palates to determine likes, dislikes and to get descriptors for the flavors and aromas that are expressed in our meads.  Blending can bring out the best flavor profiles from each constituent mead.  Then again sometimes blends get the big thumbs down...

"A man can never cross the same river twice."  In the same light, the same mead can not be (naturally) produced twice.

Although not currently allowed by Federal labeling regulations, honey wine certainly has vintages - the honey is different every year.  It has appellation, since the bees are known to fly a maximum of 3 miles during forging.  Finally, it is varietal, since nectars sources are fairly consistent within the environs surrounding a given beeyard.  Medovina looks forward to the day when all of this important information can be placed on our labels.  Meanwhile Medovina tasting panels are useful tools for developing descriptors unique, not only to Medovina meads, but also to the mead industry.  Each new mead challenges our palates and our imaginations as we attempt to describe in words what our senses are experiencing.

Be a part of our electronic tasting panel.  Send us an e mail at and share your thoughts and descriptors.















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