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New Private Tasting Seminars

Medovina is now offering private tasting seminars. These are held by appointment only.  Groups of 2 people to 6 people can be accommodated. Allow about an hour for the seminar and tour.  The cost is $10 per person. The $10 charge can be applied 100% to any purchase of $20 or more.  Mead, chocolate truffles, and ultra pure beeswax are available for purchase.

Here is what is included:

    • A one ounce, tasting pour of each of the following:

            Classic Mead

            Summer Solstice

            Featured Mead of the Month

    • A full pour (5 ounce) of either the Classic Mead or the      Summer Solstice to enjoy during your visit.

    • Bee yard tour, weather permitting with discussions of the following topics:

    "The Past, Present and Future of the Honeybee and the Beekeeping and Pollination Industries."  This presentation will be tailored to each specific group.  For example, if the group consists primarily of home brewers the discussion will include a historic perspective on the 38,000 year old craft of mead making and the significant role played by the honeybee. Other areas for focus are the global carbon cycle, sustainable agriculture and a new model for the American beekeeper.

    A tour of the Medovina production area with a discussion of: "Traditional Mead making with a Medovina Twist."

    Fresh brewed espresso coffee is available upon request at the end of  the tour.

    In closing Mark will share his vision for the future of mead which can be summarized as:

    Mead, the libation for the new millennium!


    Catered seminars are also available for groups of 8 people or more.  Prices range from $60 to $100 per person. Call for more information 303 845-3090.