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Stinging Rose

Harvest Cyser

Paonia Peach

Classic Mead

Summer Solstice

Sweet Melissa

Current Availability

PRODUCT             FINISH           SIZE           AVAILABILITY

Stinging Rose    Off Dry        375 ml              Sold Out

Harvest Cyser    Off Dry        750 ml              Sold Out

Paonia Peach     Off Dry        375 ml              Sold Out

Classic Mead      Off Dry         750 ml              In Stock

Summer Solstice Off Dry        750 ml              In Stock

Sweet Melissa    Dessert         375 ml             In Stock

Mystic Sage       Semi Sweet  750 ml               In Stock

Apis One Pear Mead           750 ml             Sold Out

Just Cider (Dry Hard Cider)   750 ml            Sold Out


The US Supreme Court, on May 16, 2005, rejected State's rights to unequivocally restrict the direct shipment of wine to consumers in their states.  While this appeared to be a big win for the wineries, the US Supreme Court is allowing each state to define the terms under which it will comply with the new ruling.  Many states are now charging out of state wineries annual shipping fees.  These fees are often prohibitive for small and medium size wineries. 


Medovina is currently shipping only within Colorado. Local demand for our products is increasing and shipping compliance requirements and freight costs are such that continued interstate shipping is prohibitive for Medovina.

It is our hope that in the future direct interstate shipping of wine to cusomers becomes more transparent and affordable. If you are in Colorado or have friends passing through try asking for a favor.

Medovina's local retailer list is growing. Click on the link on our home page to see where Medovina is sold in the Colorado Front Range.